Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A 21st Century Approach to Marquetry

Wall Piece | River | Copyright Theo Kamecke

Beauty in engineering is often a result of function or purpose, but it can also be deliberate as an aid to readability and maintainability.

Circuit boards are a great example. Look at any circuit board and you'll see groups of components and connections. Often the connections will flow from one, to another or around components creating a mirror, rotational or other symmetrical image.

On their own they can be quite beautiful, but wouldn't it be great if the beauty was more accessible, spelt out to us who are not so in tune with the symmetries of nature?

Introducing Theo Kamecke.

Theo has brilliantly merged the time honoured techniques of
Marquetry & Parquerty with the guts of modern technology to create sculptures, wall pieces and functional works of art.

Theo realised early on that beauty in nature was derived from function. Similarly, modern technology also harboured it's own beauty, not far displaced from that which is displayed in nature.

Sculpture | Epiphany | Copyright Theo Kamecke
Intricate former electron highways give way to an indecipherable and unknown hieroglyph like language that steers the viewer away from any perception of modernity head on into a civilisation and culture of ancient human past.

Through the careful placement and arrangement of circuits, each piece takes on it's own personality and mood, displacing it on to it's audience, eluding to that which separates us from the machine.

Functional | Zoroaster | Copyright Theo Kamecke
Beauty is an innate quality that we are all able to identify, grasp and appreciate and we all see beauty the same way, even if it is in different objects.

Isn't it appropriate that, when looking at nature, or each other, that we recognise the very forms and patterns that underlay the physical reality that has created our own selves? - ponder that for a while ;)

A big thank you to Theo whoagreed to let me use his images in this blog. Please respect the artists rights and ask before you use them yourself.

Don't forget to check out Theo's sculptures, wall pieces and functional works of art.Wall Piece | Eye of Horus | Copyright Theo Kamecke

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