Sunday, November 28, 2010

Heretical Science: Parallel Universe Exhbition

The idea that our world contains more dimensions than the physical three dimensions of space and one dimension of time is both unsettling and fascinating. Not only can we not experience these dimensions, the very thought of them causes our brain to run in circles. In contrast, mathematics and computers have no problems adjusting to this realisation.

Ian Carlo Jaucian is not a computer. He is troubled by these same problems. If extra dimensions exist, what might they be good for? What do they look like? Why are some physicist focusing their entire careers on the search for these illusive dimensions?

To tackle these questions Ian has devised a unique collection of original art pieces which he has titled Heretical Science, which has been on display in the Parallel Universe exhibition at the Cultural Center of the Philippines from the 26th of August until 2nd of October.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Behind the NeuroArt #1 @ TheBeautifulBrain

Brain slice preparations, which make up the bulk of neural microcircuitry research to date, have greatly added to our understanding of how distinct neuronal cell types are connected in different parts of the brain. However this method is limited because it gives only a snapshot of a cold lifeless brain. That is, it can not show the relationship between connectivity and function in the intact functioning brain.

However a recently developed technique by researches at the Salk Institute which is being displayed at The Beautiful Brain promises to unleash a wealth of new understanding by opening up the functioning brain to traditional brain connectivity study. For the first time an analysis will be able to be made concerning the fine-scale connectivity of the brain in living organisms.

And it has all been made possible using a dash of fluorescence and smigin of Rabies virus.

Monosynaptic tracing rabies virus with EGFP gene | The Beautiful Brain

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Undivided Mind Exhibition

When I saw the bellow pictures, I said, WOW!

This exhibition, sponsored by the Imaginary Foundation is probably the most outstanding example of science meets art I've seen thus far. I feel like I only said that this week, but I have a feeling I shan't be saying that for quite some time, now that I've found The Undivided Mind

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Smashing Baby: Lead Ion Collisions from the LHC

In November CERN announced the intention of the LHC to switch from protons to lead ions - lead stripped of their electrons - in order to probe "matter as it would have been in the first instants of the Universe’s existence".

Just four days later CERN completed it's transition from protons to lead ion beams and the results of the first few runs are now available for all to see.

These first set of images are from the ATLAS detector.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beautiful Tunes @ TheBeautifulBrain

The other day I tweeted about something I couldn't keep a secret. If you had paid attention, you probably wouldn't need to read this post.

The Beautiful Brain, to which I've only recently become aware of, has some of the most beautiful imagery and amazing stories crossing the science art divide I have seen anywhere.

Take for instance their series Inside the Brain, Behind the Music authored by Joseph LeDoux, neuroscientist and singer/songwriter for The Amygdaloids. Joseph writes of the motives and science behind the creation of select songs from their most recent album Theory of My Mind. In doing so he also unleashes the thought processes of an scientist, artist and a musician. A little bit of neuroscience isn't the only thing you'll pick up when reading these brilliant insightful articles.

Chris Bathgate Small Edition #2

Hot of the heels of Small Edition #1 comes Chris Bathgate's second small edition.

These latest small editions are yet another extension of Chris's knack for solving problems: A not so rapid prototype of an idea that may be explored in more detail in one of his larger works.

SL324454291 | Copyright Chris Bathgate

Sunday, November 7, 2010

FeverPicture @ TEDxAdelaide

Capturing information is the most important aspect of communicating. Charts, graphs and other tools are sometimes a little to formal and limited in what they can depict.

So when TEDxAdelaide, a place to introduce and discuss new ideas, needed to record their speakers talks, it was most probably very logical that FeverPicture play an important part in recording the days events. Especially so as FeverPicture has illustrated for TEDxAuckland.

FeverPicture, created by Gavin Blake, is an illustrative approach to telling stories, recording conversations and explaining complex systems.

James Fosdike @ TEDxAdelaide

Saturday, 10am CDT. Adelaide was hit by a TEDx event that rocked the city in to the early hours of Sunday morning. Aftershocks continue to reverberate throughout the city as the ideas once on the edge, continue to spread out from the epicenter and seep into the consciousness of stunned observers.

James Fosdike, creator of Visualante and Deadly, was on hand through out the day lending his talents to TEDxAdelaide in order to catalogue the days topics in his unique style of Illustration.

Augmented Reality | James Fosdike


Last night I attended the TEDx Adelaide event at the RiAus. Starting at 9am and not finishing for me until 12pm when I got home, it was a long day.

The social media aspect, which was all around me on the day and the lovely people I've talked to over the 12/15 hours has convinced me that I need Twitter.

What you'll see from SaCrIt on twitter is many daily micro blog updates. I currently have many drafts that I know won't finish in a full article for one reason or another but I still want to get the information out there for people to be aware of. This is where twitter comes in.

This will allow me to keep SaCrIt for the pure art science that I intended it to be. The blog will contain the premier unique content and the twitter account will contain many things I find through out the day that I just don't have the time to blog about.

So follow SaCrIt on twitter via twitter or via rss or whatever. I'll have lots to tweet in the near future - after I recover from the massive day at TEDxAdelaide.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Epic Art Science Exhibit & Exploration

I have just read about a new exhibition, Behind the Dawn featuring not one but four exhibitions and many events that deliver science and it's methods to the public through the medium of art.

A quick look tells me this is something I wish I knew about earlier.

Chris Bathgate's Small Edition #1

Chris Bathgate contacted me last week to tell me about his latest work and fascination. It was only two weeks ago that I let you know of his latest major work, yet we find our selves here again, albeit in a scaled down form.

A Series of 5 Sr622224431773524's lined up next to each other | Copyright Chris Bathgate

Thursday, November 4, 2010

DomeLab 2010

Western Australia's 'destination cinema' and 'full screen format' expertise swelled over the weekend with the arrival of the worlds leading full dome cinema production experts for the Domelab 2010 experience.

By combining a select group of experts and an experimental and risk-taking over finished-product approach, Domelab hopes to foster an environment where attendees can focus on the production of new skills, techniques and tools for creating more immersive cinematic full dome experiences.

Explanation iDome options by Paul Bourke

Monday, November 1, 2010

TEDxAdelaide This Week

TEDxAdelaide launches this week. The RiAus will be playing host to what is sure to be an exciting mix of people and ideas who are ready to shape the future of our communities and cities.

Events kick of @ 9:30am Saturday 6th November. If you can't make it to TEDxAdelaide or you missed out, You can still watch it live online.