Albert Einstein once said:

“The greatest scientists are always artists as well”.

Sacrit believes that the cross polonisation of ideas from science to art and visa versa can only develop our understandings of nature future.

SaCrIt is available via twitter. All blog posts and any art/science articles I find interesting will be posted with the #sacrit hashtag.

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  1. I stumbled across your blog and found it fascinating. I hope you will stop by TemptDestiny.com to see how I used art as a physics experiment to obtain empirical evidence of predetermined events. This evidence establishes the importance of direct and indirect selections in nature.

    From what has been learned, I have approached physicists involved in the LHC Higgs boson discovery only to find out that they have omitted the two different types of selections/collisions from their analysis? What this means is that the Higgs discovery is based on partial analysis, an error of omission. All this from art...

  2. That is very interseting indeed. Sorry for the late reply, I often don't check this blog much anymore, though i am still interested in contributing to it. I'll give your site a look.

    Cheers for the headsup.