Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bathgate returns with new Sculpture

After dedicating a few months to his small edition One and Two, Chris Bathgate is back on more familiar ground, creating a one of a kind sculpture that not only looks good, it's fun to play with.

Built around a turnbuckle system where each sphere, designated as either a right hand or left hand sphere, is joined by a bronze bushing that drives a brass turnbuckle bolt.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Connecting Godot Machines and Ant Ballets

I'm used to coming across new words, as i have a horrid vocabulary. But when Google's 'define:' function didn't help, I got a bit worried. So I went straight to the source; lead member and founder of the Physical Virus project, Ollie Palmer.

Perhaps you've already recognised, as I nearly did, that 'Godot' originates from the play Waiting for Godot, which portrays the scenario in which two characters wait, in essentially the one place, for a mysterious person named Godot that never arrives. Thus a Godot machine is a mechanical device that keeps a subject of interest in once place at all times. In Ollie's and Physical Virus's case, the subject is an ant.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Into the Crucible of a Collaboration

Into the Crucibles of Nature
In what was 2009, the year of Astronomy, a unique partnership was formed between artist Fiorella Lavado and Scientist cum Author Arthur I. Miller to facilitate an exploration of the cosmos like never before. In concert with the Benaki Museum of Athens for the purpose of the exhibition, Into the Crucibles of Nature, Fiorella, with direction from Arthur have created a unique collection of art that recreates the science of the universe.

Fiorella’s weavings work particularly well with black holes. They contain a stillness that is unsettling which evokes a cautiousness to their exploration as the viewer. Likewise wormholes and nebulas which also feature are still very unknown quantities but there is reason to be very cautious about their exploration also, which is captured marvellously in these weavings.

Jaws of Darkness | Ultra Fine Wire Weave | Fiorella Lavado | Photography Noel Mclaughlin