Friday, January 28, 2011

Chris Henschke's Synchrotron Art

A Synchrotron is probably one of the meanest scientific instruments ever created. By slamming bits of matter into each other at near the speed of light, the Synchrotron can recreate time it's self as it were just moments after the big bang when the universe was a sieving soup of elementary particles that even the devil himself would find too hot to eat.

Seemingly, it has other uses to, such as creating Art, which Chris Henschke has been exploring since late 2007 at the Australian Synchrotron.

New Sun | infrared illuminations | Light bulb under infra-red beam | Chris Henschke

Sunday, January 16, 2011

MRS Fall 2010 Science as Art Competition

Every year, in the spring and fall of the northern hemisphere, scientists from around the world congregate, like moths to a flame, for a lovein of sharing, learning and networking. Known as the Materials Research Society meetings, these biannual events have become a must attend for those in search of unbridled materials knowledge.

Beyond knowledge however, there is beauty and since 2006, this group of burly scientists have been devoting their time to the more aesthetically pleasing forms of their science. An event of science meets art, which has simply become known as the MRS Science as Art Competition.

These are the winners of the Material Research Societies, 2010 Fall, Science as Art Competition.

1st Place Winner | The silk collective | Konstantinos Tsioris, Tufts University

Chris Bathgate Small Edition #3

Since January the 1st, Chris has been working on a new small edition after finishing his last sculpture. Being more ambitious than the previous two editions, Chris's third small edition is a little larger in scale and complexity taking longer to complete.

After some initial hesitation, Chris is now thoroughly enjoying the move to make smaller editions.

"If I was hesitant about making editions at first, I am not any more. They are extremely satisfying to make and there is something about seeing your work in multiples that is very pleasurable."
- Chris Bathgate

PN635512223333 | copyright Chris Bathgate