Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chris Bathgate Small Edition #3

Since January the 1st, Chris has been working on a new small edition after finishing his last sculpture. Being more ambitious than the previous two editions, Chris's third small edition is a little larger in scale and complexity taking longer to complete.

After some initial hesitation, Chris is now thoroughly enjoying the move to make smaller editions.

"If I was hesitant about making editions at first, I am not any more. They are extremely satisfying to make and there is something about seeing your work in multiples that is very pleasurable."
- Chris Bathgate

PN635512223333 | copyright Chris Bathgate
Years ago, whilst Chris was still working out the "visual language" for his sculpture or finding his methods, he experimented with an early design that he says had a good "hook" but which he lacked the experience to execute it. With his experience honed, chris thought it was time to take another look.

"The centre piece is Bronze with Stainless steel ends. The inserts are aluminium and copper and the whole thing sits on a Stainless base."
- Chris Bathgate

PN635512223333 | copyright Chris Bathgate
PN635512223333 | Real world | copyright Chris Bathgate
Currently there are four of this small edition, but originally there was planned a slightly larger set that couldn't be completed due to rare time and resources. Chris says, depending on interest and time, these may be vevisited.

Further more, this design may not have met its end. Chris wants to explore the design on a larger scale but in more elaborate ways that exploit the larger format. So check back in another month when we have more from Chris Bathgate.

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