Tuesday, August 7, 2012


To understand what DINO WARS CARDS is, we first must understand DINO WARS, the crowd sourced art project kickstarted by one Punk Monk Propaganda from the confines of Australia Museum's cool ideas incubator, otherwise known as Jurassic Lounge - in a nut shell, A new urban youth art culture where creativity is encouraged and fun spontaneously breaks out. 

From this emerging force, DINO WARS CARDS roars into life from. The facebook event page has been it's epicenter and continues to bubble with activity. In recent weeks, the overwhelming contributions from the local art community has seen an extended effort to get three decks of cards built and now attention is turning to an exhibition which will feature original and digital prints of DINO WARS Cards.

DINO WARS CARDS fills a gap between the first DINO WARS and the second comming of DINO WARs due for August 2012.

"without letting the velociraptor completely out of the bag, our tireless DINO WARS tribe funded by DINO DOLLARS are planning on being much more than a short-lived banana republic & hope that the second coming of extinction coupled with the demise of our currency is still a long way off. raptor jesus was due for an upgrade anyway."

All works will feature as two story tall projections for ten weeks at Jurassic Lounge. Works will also be selected to be incorporated into one or two decks of cards and promoted online.

Cards will be 62.5 mm x 90 mm or a ratio of 1:1.44 but no larger than A3. Guidlines as to the style of painting/illustration/digital do not exist.

The facebook event page is an example of what crowd power can do. Although there is a central plan, there are possibilities on the periphery, that are kick started  via a suggestion and spring to life through fervent discussion. Case in point, it took one suggestion, and a series of comments to plan a forth coming exhibition, complete with location and rules for the art entered. It was quite remarkable to see the evolution in process.

"maybe we could have an exhibition of the original hard copies or and online auction??" 
- Seabastion Toast

"I haven't drawn in the past 5 years. This was a fun project. Thanks. (Queen Pterodactyl.)"
- Lauren Wilson

As it says on the facebook page, DINO WARS is a crowd sourced art and overgrown child initiative, as is evidence by the continuing discussion and evolution that is continuing to evolve like life it's self.

Those responsible for the organisation of the project will openly admit it is a bit of a mess but I’ve found the experience of riding on their backs and seeing just how everything has come together as a piece of entertainment within its self.

It has been a pleasure to checkin each day and gander at the new art submitted to the wall. Most fascinating is the differing styles. From cartoon, to street to your more classical illustration and painting there will be a dino for everyone one.

The crowd has helped push the creative boundaries of this project and various people have helped bring it to life. I can see that far beyond being a project, this could create a new paradigm for community based art projects, where the planning and coming together is as important as the night or nights them selves.

Stay tuned to the facebook event or page to keep up to date as artists post their work.


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