Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Right Now! Display Your Wares @ The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

Well, not my work. But your work could be, if you have any. That's the idea behind the MyWorkIsInTheAustralianCenterForContemproaryArt project.

The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art is offering earth's public to submit their art to the HP ePrinter and have it displayed within the gallery's halls and online for all to see.

You can email your work to the project and watch it print out for display in the gallery.

This is all made possible apparantly by the unique technology behind the HP ePrinter that this project has no doubt been specifically design to flog.

The printer is designed to let you print from anywhere in the world completely free of drivers and wires. It does this by requiring the user to register a unique email address at the HP ePrint Center that is linked to your HP ePrinter.

Flogging aside, I think this is a great initiative, not just for the gallery but for the world to once again come together and let each other know about their art.

Check out the project's gallery

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