Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bathgate returns with new Sculpture

After dedicating a few months to his small edition One and Two, Chris Bathgate is back on more familiar ground, creating a one of a kind sculpture that not only looks good, it's fun to play with.

Built around a turnbuckle system where each sphere, designated as either a right hand or left hand sphere, is joined by a bronze bushing that drives a brass turnbuckle bolt.

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Being a mixture of Engineer, Machinist and Artist, Chris is more akin to a demigod than a mere mortal, though he swears he is. His work is created using a unique set of machines that HE created. That's right, this is Art created from Art!

My introduction to Chris was less than three months ago and this is my 5th post dedicated to his work. No doubt there will be many more, so check back regularly if you want to see what this man is up to.

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