Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sci-ku @ Where Worlds Collide

The Royal Institute of Australia brought Adelaide yet another gem of work last weekend in the event title Where Worlds Collide.

High lights of the evening where no doubt the readings of Sci-ku and Science Made Marvellous competition winners. However, not to be out done, featured talkers Erica Jolly and Roger Reiss gave insightful and passionate accounts on the collision between science and poetry and enlightened us on how these once disparate fields can conjoin to inspire and inform.

In collaboration with the Friendly Street Poets the RiAus announced the winners of the Sci-ku competition in which entrants were to write three line science themed poems inspired by the Japanese poetry haiku - although syllables/moras were not counted. Entries were enetered in either the primary school, secondary school or open age categories.

Open Age Winner

Wave's rim, a cuttlebone drifting -
aeons of endoskeletons
abrading to sand

- Hilary Jones
Copywrite Hilary Jones

Secondary School Winner

Orbiting, happy
An electron is kidnapped
By dreadful Fluorine.

- Matthew Cropley
Copywrite Matthew Cropley

Primary School Winner

Atoms vibrating
Like loud speakers shaking to a beat
Playing the music of life

- Sarah Ellice-Flint
Copywrite Sarah Ellice-Flint

The remaining Sci-ku competition winners and highly commended can be found in the RiAus announcement.

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