Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Screen Printing with Blood ReBlog

I swore not to blog whilst at work today, but this caught my eye and i thought i just had to reblog it.

I don't know a lot about screen printing, but i believe it's not normal when one uses their own blood as paint.

Check out these pics on how to drain your body of vital fluids in the name of art:

Draining the vein

Creating the right shade of blood

The final step, printing

Bloody Brilliant!

The work was completed by design firm Metastazis in colaboration with Zbigniew M. Bielak who were hired by Swedish metal band Watain.

Quoted from Street Anatomy, posted by Vanessa Ruiz:

"According to the design firm’s founder, Volnair, a total of 111 posters were made and were sold at a London show on June 5 for 20 euros each."

The Metastazis blog contains so many more pictures that they've split their documentary of the process into three seperate entries. It's in sweedish, but you can recognise which blog (if the images don't load, right click -> show picture) is the one you want by the use of "Metastazis vs Watain" in the title.

If you liked this then you might like Metastazis other gory creations on their myspace page.

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