Friday, November 5, 2010

Chris Bathgate's Small Edition #1

Chris Bathgate contacted me last week to tell me about his latest work and fascination. It was only two weeks ago that I let you know of his latest major work, yet we find our selves here again, albeit in a scaled down form.

A Series of 5 Sr622224431773524's lined up next to each other | Copyright Chris Bathgate
This is Bathgate’s first "small edition" of works.

"Originally it was an opportunity for me to make an idea I like and at the same time, produce some lower cost work for people who want to collect my work", recalls Bathgate.

In comparison to his previous work, the visual effect of having all 5 objects lined up next to each other is something very different and otherworldly to what we and Bathgate expected.

Sr622224431773524 in two pieces | Copyright Chris Bathgate
Each piece stands just under 4" tall, when on it's stand, but is able to come completely off as Chris says "I want people to hold them and handle them".

And if you like this small edition, then watch out because there is another just around the corner in the next week or two before Bathgate starts on his latest larger project. Expect to see them here on SaCrIt!

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