Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chris Bathgate Small Edition #2

Hot of the heels of Small Edition #1 comes Chris Bathgate's second small edition.

These latest small editions are yet another extension of Chris's knack for solving problems: A not so rapid prototype of an idea that may be explored in more detail in one of his larger works.

SL324454291 | Copyright Chris Bathgate
Chris has been focussing on his smaller editions in order to make some of his work more accessible to those who admire and would like to own a little piece of Chris Bathgate.

SL324454291 | Copyright Chris Bathgate
With that done, Bathgate will go back to spending most of his time working on his next large project, perhaps incorporating a few ideas learnt from the smaller editions.

Details on the next project are forth coming. Tune in to his website if you need to keep up to date. If your not sure who I’m talking about, shame on you: Check out my original post on Chris Bathgate

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