Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Undivided Mind Exhibition

When I saw the bellow pictures, I said, WOW!

This exhibition, sponsored by the Imaginary Foundation is probably the most outstanding example of science meets art I've seen thus far. I feel like I only said that this week, but I have a feeling I shan't be saying that for quite some time, now that I've found The Undivided Mind

The Undivided Mind alludes to the unified thought of art and science as one, as I'm sure you all know it is to be. The focus of the exhibition appears to center on singularities, which is perhaps not coincidental and singularities are know for their ability of undivided all matter that falls into it. That is to say, merging all matter in the an infinite point of density - Undivided.

So perhaps if we want to undivided art and science, we need to find a suitably sized black hole!

Inside the Gallery | The Undivided Mind
Find the Higgs Boson equation inside the gallery | The Undivided Mind
The equations littered through out the gallery actually serve as a where's Wally type phenomenon. That is, first to find the equation that describes the elusive Higgs Boson wins! Just perhaps it'll inspire those guys working at CERN to not give up!

Let The Force Flow | The Undivided Mind

Unified with a Singularity | The Undivided Mind
This last image is particularly spectacular and a good image to end this post on. It shows the average joe, with his head in the center of a galaxy. But what lies at the center of a galaxy in a lot of cases, particularly in our Milky Way is a supermassive black hole.

For me, this symbolises the merging of Joe's thoughts, particularly the right and left sides of his brain which summaries the intention behind this exhibition, being the merging of science and art.

Now that you've been teased a little, take a look at the full collection and don't forget to say WOW!

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