Sunday, November 7, 2010

James Fosdike @ TEDxAdelaide

Saturday, 10am CDT. Adelaide was hit by a TEDx event that rocked the city in to the early hours of Sunday morning. Aftershocks continue to reverberate throughout the city as the ideas once on the edge, continue to spread out from the epicenter and seep into the consciousness of stunned observers.

James Fosdike, creator of Visualante and Deadly, was on hand through out the day lending his talents to TEDxAdelaide in order to catalogue the days topics in his unique style of Illustration.

Augmented Reality | James Fosdike
First speaker for the day was Christian Sandor, director of the Magic Vision Lab of the University of South Australia. Magic, or Augmented Reality as its preferably called, is fast become the next technological revolution that could touch just about ever facet of our lives.

Because by definition, AR augments our current reality, it has the potential to impact any waking moment that we require information, or guidance in anything we do. Applications current and future range from information services and industrial design to assembly, surgery and Art.

On the day attendees got the chance to interface with this technology directly and design their own virtual shoe. Simple demonstrations now, but this technology has the potential to change entire industries.

The above Illustration depicts the madness of overlaying the real world with visual imagery generated by computer technology and other sensory trickery.

Platychidnadelic | James Fosdike
Speaking of sensor trickery, the Platypus is the only Mammal to use an electrical sensor to detect it's food. It's also the only mammal to be poisonous. It lays eggs and secretes milk to it's young through pores in it's skin, much like the Echidna, to which it is related. Known as Monotremes, these are the weirdest animals in the world.

We've known about their weirdness for some time, but the weird discovers just keep on coming. Frank Grutzner who spoke of his recent discovery, Enlightened the audience to perhaps the weirdest aspect of the Platypus, its 5 pairs of sex chromosomes.

Platychidnadelic, as coined by James, illustrates the beauty and connectedness between the Echidna, Platypus and birds. The sex chromosome system of the platypus shares similarities to that of birds and in fact goes as far to share at least one individual gene of which in birds is crucial for determining the sex. There is no evidence it has a similar function in the Platypus, but it's presence alone is worthy of great fascination given the Platypus lacks the usual mammalian gene for determining sex.

See James other illustrations bellow.

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TEDxAdelaide is NOT OVER! The event will continue to create waves over the next week as podcasts, videos and art from the event are made available. So keep in touch and up to date through facebook, twitter and their website. Also, Check back here for some of the coolest art representing the most edgy ideas in the world!

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