Sunday, November 7, 2010


Last night I attended the TEDx Adelaide event at the RiAus. Starting at 9am and not finishing for me until 12pm when I got home, it was a long day.

The social media aspect, which was all around me on the day and the lovely people I've talked to over the 12/15 hours has convinced me that I need Twitter.

What you'll see from SaCrIt on twitter is many daily micro blog updates. I currently have many drafts that I know won't finish in a full article for one reason or another but I still want to get the information out there for people to be aware of. This is where twitter comes in.

This will allow me to keep SaCrIt for the pure art science that I intended it to be. The blog will contain the premier unique content and the twitter account will contain many things I find through out the day that I just don't have the time to blog about.

So follow SaCrIt on twitter via twitter or via rss or whatever. I'll have lots to tweet in the near future - after I recover from the massive day at TEDxAdelaide.

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