Monday, November 1, 2010

TEDxAdelaide This Week

TEDxAdelaide launches this week. The RiAus will be playing host to what is sure to be an exciting mix of people and ideas who are ready to shape the future of our communities and cities.

Events kick of @ 9:30am Saturday 6th November. If you can't make it to TEDxAdelaide or you missed out, You can still watch it live online.

The full list of speakers have finally been announced:
  • Ianto Ware - Ianto will be talking about his role in the community driven urban renewal project Renew Adelaide
  • Carla Litchfield - scientist, animal behaviourist, primatologist, behavioural ecologist and conservation psychologist
  • Nick Palousis - Nick Palousis will gene-splice ecosystems with economic development
  • Byron Sharp - Byron Sharp is going to draw on years of research and marketing knowledge to anser important questions, and dispel common misconceptions about brand growth, competition, loyalty, advertising and price promotions
  • Edwin Kemp Attrill - Edwin Kemp Attrill is a freelance theatre artist, producer and Artistic Director of ActNow Theatre for Social Change
  • Caroline McMillen - Caroline is curious as to why it is so hard for many overweight or obese people to lose weight
  • Wend Lear - Wend Lear has been a freelance photographer for 12 years.
  • Frank Grutzner - Speaking about the egg-laying, venomous creatures with ten sex chromosomes. Monotreams (Platapus & Echidna).
  • Jonathan Brown - Jonathan Brown is a broadcaster, writer and community media advocate and coordinator of The CBloggers Project
  • Jodie Benveniste - will be speaking for those in our communities who do not have a voice
  • Mark Tester - Mark Tester will be speaking on the major challenges facing the world to try to meet world food demands
  • Sarah Strong-Law - Sarah is a very happy immigrant from Austin, Texas. She landed in Adelaide in February o2006 and hit the ground rolling by setting up the Adelaide Roller Derby League
  • Christian Sandor - Christian Sandor is one of the world-leading experts on augmented reality
  • James DeBoar - James Deboar is a year 12 student with a passion for social justice.
  • Tim Jarvis - The first speaker announced for TEDxAdelaide is Tim Jarvis, Explorer of Ideas.

Providing mixed entertainment on the day, ranging from music to illustration are:

  • Hartley Manuell - Hartley Manuell is a freelance designer and DJ, playing residencies at both Tapas on Hindley and the Dog & Duck.
  • Luke Toop - Luke Toop is the User eXperience dictator at No Prisoners, an iPhone and iPad development studio in Adelaide
  • James Fosdike - will be illustrating TEDxAdelaide speakers live

I've been lucky enough to be accepted as one of the crowd on the day. I believe there were another 70 who did not make the cut. I'm excited and I am here to tell you why.

In applying for TEDxAdelaide, applicants were asked to provide three words to kick start conversation. I can't fully remember mine but they may have been science, art & engineering.

TEDxAdelaide have turned these words provided by each application into the above wordle. So what are you waiting for, get discussing already!

Preparation and rehearsals have began. Already we are seeing photos being uploaded to the flickr page of RiAus staff member Lisa.

Chris Sandor will be speaking on Augmented Reality

I will be paying particular attention to Chris Sandor as he Augments our reality and gives us a glimpse of our future. Other speakers I’m particularly interested in are: Nick Palousis, Frank Grutzner & Jonathan Brown. I am also very interested to see the Illustrations of James Fosdike creator of Visualante and Deadly.

You can keep up to date with TEDxAdelaide via twitter. Same goes for the RiAus.

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