Friday, November 5, 2010

Epic Art Science Exhibit & Exploration

I have just read about a new exhibition, Behind the Dawn featuring not one but four exhibitions and many events that deliver science and it's methods to the public through the medium of art.

A quick look tells me this is something I wish I knew about earlier.

  • Evaporation (2009), Jana Winderen – Film & Sound Environment Recordings 25 metres under the ice of Greenland and inside the ice itself
  • Cell biology microscopy, x-ray crystallography and scanning electron microscopy photography by The University of Edinburgh
  • Midwinter, Close Reflection, Water Wind and Light - Contemplative films of nature by James Hawkins
  • Paintings Inspired By Nature – of an aesthetic interpretation of a microscopic world by Hamer Dodds, Edinburgh Scientist

Featuring along side the Exhibitions on the 20th and 21st of November Songs of the Sea and Giving Voice to the Earth will concoct a unique mix of poetry, music, narrative and image in an expose of how these artistic forms respond to the natural work.

In addition the 5 week long exploration of science will include featured talks on aspects of the world around us and an expose of presenters experience in their fields of expertise. Talks included are A Place in the Landscape, Birding Through a Lifetime, Nature's Voice, People, Place, and Presences, Sound Environment, White River.

Seen and Unseen will bring the science lap into the class room where participants will learn how scientists get such great looking shots.

Building on this, the family art studio will provide three interactive Genes United, Natures Secrets and Microscopic Art designed to get participants hands dirty, but not before they have been adequately inspired by their introduction to science under the microscope in order to get their creative fluids running. Together the workshops will produce a range of sculpters and collages.

You can keep up to date with the Moray Art Centre via twitter.

Hopefully this story doesn't end here. I will endeavour to bring you more from the Behind the Dawn exhibition, if i can track it down.

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